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Common Questions

What guarantees can you offer that the job will be finished on time and on budget?

The amount that we quote is the amount you would to pay, under the conditions that are predicted by our experienced surveyors. We haven't once overcharged from our original quote.

How can I be sure you are the right person for the job?

The company prides itself from years of experience in the field, and a great knowledge in all things to do with trees and the natural world. Our reviews and last pieces of work speak for themselves.

What experience do you have?

The different members of the team come from multiple areas of tree work for many years, specialising in heavy machinery, rope work, tree botany, the list goes on.

Do you offer any other services apart from tree care?

Yes, we are a garden maintenance company too, dealing with anything to do with your garden, from simple hedge trimming to entire garden clearances.

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